Collection: Paladins and Anti-Paladins

Paladins and Anti-Paladins are two classes in Dungeons and Dragons that represent holy warriors with opposing alignments.

Paladins are skilled warriors who follow a strict code of conduct based on their deity or cause. They are often seen as the champions of good and defenders of the innocent. Paladins have access to divine magic, which they can use to aid them in battle and to heal their allies. They prioritize protecting others and defeating evil, and their abilities are geared towards those ends.

Anti-Paladins, on the other hand, are the opposite of Paladins. They serve dark deities or personal agendas, and are typically evil in alignment. They are known for their brutal combat skills and destructive magic, and often prioritize their own interests over those of others. Anti-Paladins may engage in nefarious activities such as torture, murder, and enslavement, and are feared by many. They are often seen as the arch-nemeses of Paladins.