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Count Dracula

Count Dracula

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Embrace the allure of the immortal Count Dracula with this versatile 3D printed figure model kit, intricately designed to offer a glimpse into the enigmatic world of gothic horror. With a choice of two hauntingly crafted head options — one bearing a stoic, serious expression that mirrors the Count's calculating nature, and the other a sinister smile that chillingly captures his malevolent charm — you can customize Dracula to suit the mood of your personal horror tableau.

This kit is offered in 1:6 for a captivating display and 1:12 scale for a more subtle yet equally impactful statement. Delve into the depths of your creativity with the option of a simple base for a focus on the figure, or set the scene with the diorama base, featuring a wall section and window that evoke the eerie atmosphere of Dracula's lair.

The Count, with his cloak dramatically sweeping around him, offers a moment frozen in time, a piece that is as much a work of art as it is a model. Whether you choose the sinister grin or the serious mien, this kit is perfect for hobbyists, fans of classic horror, and anyone who appreciates the darkly beautiful.

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