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Martian Warrior and Princess Model Kit

Martian Warrior and Princess Model Kit

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Immerse yourself in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian adventures with this expertly crafted model kit, inspired by Frank Frazetta's artwork from "A Fighting Man of Mars." Featuring the Martian warrior Tan Hadron and princess Sanoma Tora, sculpted by Carlos Eduardo, this kit is a must-have for collectors and hobbyists.

Available Scales:

  • 1/12 Scale: 5.83" W x 4.84" D x 6.74" H
  • 1/9 Scale: 7.77" W x 6.45" D x 8.99" H
  • 1/6 Scale: 11.66" W x 9.68" D x 13.48" H
  • 1/4 Scale: 17.49" W x 14.52" D x 20.22" H

Each scale offers detailed representation and a commanding presence.

Kit Details:

  • Assembly Required: Unassembled kit form; recommended adhesives are cyanoacrylate glue or 5-minute epoxy. Pinning for reinforcement is advised.
  • Finishing Required: Cleaning of support marks, partial post-processing, and light sanding for a flawless finish.
  • Material: High-quality resin.


  • Custom Sizes Available: Contact us for custom scale options.
  • Made to Order: 1-2 weeks processing time, longer for larger kits.

Model Specifications:

  • Licensed by ca_3d_art: Ensuring high-quality standards and respect for the original artwork.

This kit is ideal for collectors, hobbyists, and fans of classic science fiction and fantasy art. Enhance your collection with this piece of Martian lore! Order now!

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