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Thog is a terrifying and grisly demon, stalking the dreaming corridors of Xuthal in the form of a great shadow, consuming those who stumble across his path. It is described by Thalis as the ‘God of Xuthal’, who has been in the city ever since its founding. It is uncertain whether Thog or Xuthal came first, but whichever, the creature has always stalked the corridors of Xuthal in search of prey. The people of Xuthal fear Thog, but accept their fate as necessary sacrifices. It is largely Thog’s fault that their numbers have falled from thousands to mere hundreds.

32mm scale miniature with diorama base.

Thog's head comes on a 100mm base and each of his six tentacles has a 25mm base of their own.

  • This model may be  available in different sizes to suit your individual needs. If you need a model in a size other than what is offered, please contact us and we can discuss your options.
  • This model may come in separate pieces and require assembly. We recommend using cyanoacrylate glue or 5 minute epoxy to assemble. We use Starbond Medium Cyanoacrylate. For added strength, pins can be used to assist in connecting some of the parts together. Gap filler can be used to fill any gaps and smooth out connection seams. A good product for this is Green Stuff Sculpting Putty.
  • Resin printing requires the use of supports. We remove the supports and clean up the support marks from the model, prior to performing the final cure. While we strive to remove and smooth out all artifacts from the supports used for printing, however, there may be some artifacts that we miss. A little light cleaning/sanding should easily take care of any remaining marks.
  • Models are made to order, we have a 1-2 week processing time. This time helps ensure we do not rush and provide the highest quality product.
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