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Daybreak Miniatures

Arnan Stonecold

Arnan Stonecold

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Introducing Arnan Stonecold, the Criocentaur warrior of the Deviant Dwarves of the Pandemonium collection. This intricately crafted 3D-printed model captures the raw essence of a being wrought from the fiery abysses of a hellish underworld.

Arnan stands firm, a testament to his unyielding spirit, his body a striking fusion of dwarf and beast. His upper torso, clad in exquisitely detailed armor, boasts a grim resolve, with a shield emblazoned with symbols of his forsaken kin. In his hand, a massive axe speaks of battles endured and foes vanquished. From the waist down, the powerful form of a centaur, muscles tensed, ready to charge into the fray or withstand an enemy onslaught.

This model is a collector's dream, offering an impeccable canvas for painters and a standout display piece for enthusiasts. Each aspect of Arnan Stonecold is a small saga in itself, from the braided beard that whispers tales of ancient lore to the battle-worn hooves that tell of relentless pursuits through the stone-laden landscapes of the Pandemonium.

Whether for play in the 32mm universe or as a cornerstone of your display cabinet, Arnan Stonecold promises to ignite a sense of adventure and an appreciation for the shadowy depths of fantasy warfare.

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