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Daybreak Miniatures

Arviz Thundergrind on Fire Goat

Arviz Thundergrind on Fire Goat

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Behold Arviz Thundergrind, the indomitable storm-rider of the Deviant Dwarves of the Pandemonium collection. Mounted atop his ferocious Thunder Goat, this exquisitely designed 3D-printed miniature captures the essence of raw elemental fury and dwarven tenacity.

Arviz brandishes a sword that gleams with the promise of thunderous tales yet to unfold. His mount, the mighty Thunder Goat, is a creature of legend, its every muscle sculpted with the precision of a master craftsman, embodying the unstoppable force of nature.

The dynamic pose of this miniature suggests a moment captured in an epic saga—a charge across craggy landscapes, a clash with forces as immovable as the mountains themselves. The intricate details in the armor and the rugged texture of the goat's fur beckon to be brought to life with the stroke of a brush, making this figure a centerpiece for any collection and a beacon of inspiration for tabletop generals and painters alike.

Arviz Thundergrind is more than a model; he is an invitation to weave stories of valor and to immortalize them in paint on your shelf or amidst the heat of battle in the 32mm universe.

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