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Daybreak Miniatures

Ballista of the Deviant

Ballista of the Deviant

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From the forges of the underworld comes the Ballista of the Deviant, a siege engine of unparalleled craftsmanship, designed for the 3D-printed battlegrounds of the 32mm universe. This meticulously sculpted miniature is not just a war machine; it is the embodiment of the Deviant Dwarves' cunning engineering and dark artistry.

The ballista's imposing structure is adorned with skulls, a stark reminder of its origins in the Pandemonium's vast grottos. The intricate gears and robust frame are a testament to the lost secrets of dwarf smithing, capable of unleashing destruction upon those who dare to oppose the Deviants. Poised with a menacing bolt, this model is ready to lay siege to the mightiest fortresses, beckoning tacticians and collectors to ponder its potential on and off the field.

Ideal for hobbyists seeking to add a touch of grim resilience to their collection, or for those looking to intimidate their tabletop foes, the Ballista of the Deviant is a symbol of raw destructive power and engineering prowess.

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