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Dejah Thoris - Princess of Helium

Dejah Thoris - Princess of Helium

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Embark on an interplanetary modeling adventure with our stunning Dejah Thoris 3D printed scale figure model kit. Crafted for the true enthusiast of Martian chronicles and cosmic sagas, this exquisite portrayal of the Princess of Helium stands as a testament to otherworldly elegance and warrior grace. At 1:10, 1:8, or 1:6 scale, each detail from the delicate jewelry that adorns her regal form to the fluidity of her skirts caught in an unseen Martian breeze is rendered with precision.

In a poised stance against an ancient Martian pillar, Dejah Thoris wields her sword with a combination of finesse and resolve, her gaze fixed beyond the horizon. Whether you're an avid collector or a passionate painter, this model kit offers a canvas for your creativity and a centerpiece that speaks volumes of your appreciation for classic science fiction lore.

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