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Daybreak Miniatures

Drego Lasher

Drego Lasher

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Meet Drego Lasher, the one-eyed enforcer of the Deviant Dwarves, presented in stunning detail in this 3D-printed scale model. Clad in hardy leathers he exudes a raw, unrefined edge perfect for the gritty collector and gamer.

Drego's eyepatch adds a rugged charm to his stern demeanor, while his lashing whip curls with a life of its own—ready to command respect on the miniature battlefields of the 32mm universe.

Perfect for those who relish painting fine details, Drego's textured attire and fierce facial expression await your brush. As a game piece, he's sure to be a character who makes an impact, not just for his tactical advantage, but for the stories he carries into the fray.

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