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Daybreak Miniatures

Froden Rokk

Froden Rokk

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Emerging from the forges of Pandemonium, Froden Rokk stands a sentinel of stone and might. This masterfully crafted 3D-printed figure exudes the steadfastness of the mountain, a formidable member of the Deviant Dwarves of Pandmonium, he is ready to hold the line against any foe.

Froden's attire is a complex tapestry of interwoven fabrics and sturdy armaments, highlighted by the robust shield he wields—a bulwark adorned with intricate runes and a shield boss. In his other hand, the mighty great axe promises to level enemies on the battlefield. The gravity of his feoricty is etched into every line of his weathered face, while the weight of his purpose is grounded in his steadfast stance.

For the hobbyist, Froden Rokk provides an excellent canvas, inviting a bold palette to accentuate the rich textures of his garb and weaponry. As a character on the gaming table, he embodies the unyielding force of the Deviant Dwarves, a true champion for any 32mm scenario.

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