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Daybreak Miniatures

Jagno the Impaler

Jagno the Impaler

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Jagno the Impaler takes aim from the Deviant Dwarves of the Pandemonium collection, an exceptional 3D-printed figure for any 32mm tabletop game. This dwarf crossbowman is the very image of precision and punkish flair, his mohawk a crest above the battlefield.

Decked in detailed armor and sporting goggles indicative of a sharpshooter accustomed to the harshest environments, Jagno is prepared for the tumult of battle.

The figure's posture is coiled with potential, crossbow braced against his shoulder, ready to unleash bolts that carry with them the weight of his grim reputation. The miniature offers a wealth of opportunity for painters, from the intricate weave of his braided beard to the sleek finish of his goggles—each detail inviting a personal touch to bring Jagno's fierce demeanor to life.

As a game piece, Jagno the Impaler promises to be a stalwart ranged combatant, his crossbow a dire warning to any who would underestimate the strategic might of the Deviants. This miniature is perfect for those who seek to infuse their armies with characters that carry a story and a distinctive, aggressive edge.

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