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Daybreak Miniatures

Joriz Dammerung

Joriz Dammerung

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Joriz Dammerung, the stalwart blacksmith of the Deviant Dwarves of the Pandemonium, emerges as a commanding figure in the realm of 3D-printed scale model kits. Clad in ornately carved armor that bespeaks the infernal fires from which it was forged, Joriz is the embodiment of resilience and strength.

His colossal hammer, inscribed with runes of power—not merely a tool, but a weapon that has shaped both the destiny of metals and enemies alike. The miniature's pose is both a showcase of his craft and a testament to his readiness for battle, capturing the essence of a dwarf whose skill in smithery is as legendary as his feroocity.

With a beard that flows like molten metal and a gaze that pierces through the battlefield's chaos, this model provides an exquisite canvas for painting enthusiasts. Each scale, each rivet, and each fold of his garment tells a story of a life spent in the forge and the fray.

As a centerpiece or a fearsome ally on your gaming table, Joriz Dammerung will not only elevate the aesthetic but also serve as an unyielding force in the heart of battle. This model kit promises to deliver an exceptional painting and gaming experience for those who dare to wield the hammer of the Pandemonium's finest.

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