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Daybreak Miniatures

Judge Sindri

Judge Sindri

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Introducing Judge Sindri of the Deviant Dwarves, a figure of majestic tyranny, meticulously 3D printed to become the centerpiece of any collection. Sindri's visage is one of stern authority, his cloak billowing, a testament to his unyielding power amidst the infernal winds of Pandemonium. Each scale and rivet on his armor is a narrative of countless battles, a story etched in high-resolution detail.

The hammer he wields is not merely a weapon but a gavel to pass judgment upon any who dare oppose him. Sindri stands as the embodiment of both might and merciless justice in the miniature realm. This model, in imposing 32mm scale, promises to be the judge and jury on your gaming table or display shelf, demanding respect and awe.

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