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Daybreak Miniatures

Konner Lordslayer

Konner Lordslayer

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Emerging from the fiery chasms of The Pandemonium, the Criocentaur Konner Lordslayer stands as a formidable testament to the Deviant Dwarves' dark legacy. Sculpted in exquisite detail, this 32mm scale 3D printed miniature captures the fierce warrior essence, intertwined with the wild, untamed spirit of a fire goat. Wielding an axe in each hand, he is the embodiment of the relentless spirit thriving in the perilous depths of the Dark Deep. Crafted with exquisite detail and measuring at 32mm, Konner Lordlayer is a stunning representation of the Deviant Dwarves' fierce legacy. The perfect addition to any miniature collection, he embodies the fearless warrior spirit and unbridled energy of a fire goat. With dual weapons, he is the epitome of the unstoppable force found in the depths of The Pandemonium.

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