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Predator Bust

Predator Bust

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Awaken your craft bench with the thrilling allure of the Predator Bust Model Kit! A centerpiece worthy of the most discerning collectors and hobbyists, this bust captures the raw intimidation and otherworldly prowess of the iconic hunter. Offered in two imposing sizes, 13" for the bold statement maker, and 7.5" for the sleek enthusiast, each scale provides a grand canvas for skill and imagination.

Toggle between the mystery of the masked conqueror and the primal ferocity of the unmasked portrait. With each swap, the Predator's legendary visage shifts, telling a new story of cosmic hunts and interstellar warfare. Molded in precise detail, the mechanical dreadlocks and intricate armor plating are a modeler's delight, offering hours of painting and customization potential. Below, a base adorned with haunting skulls cements the Predator's reputation as a trophy-collecting warrior from the stars.

Perfect for display or as a challenging project, this Predator Bust Model Kit awaits your personal touch to bring out the full depth of its alien artistry.

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