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Daybreak Miniatures

Prios Powerbeak

Prios Powerbeak

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Ascend to new heights in your tabletop realm with the majestic Prios Powerbeak, the latest addition to "The Skyborn of Aquila" collection by Daybreak Miniatures. Intricately sculpted, this imposing figure exudes strength and grace, with wings unfurled and eyes set on the horizon.

Prios Powerbeak emerges as a masterpiece of design, an exemplar of the exquisite craftsmanship of Daybreak Miniatures. Presented in 32mm scale for the fervent tabletop gamer, this model is a feast for the eyes. The Powerbeak stands vigilant, its detailed plumage a testament to its celestial origins, while the intricate armor and menacing flail embody the battle-hardened spirit of the Skyborn. This piece is not just a model; it's a narrative in resin, ready to take center stage in your collection or your next epic campaign.

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