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Daybreak Miniatures

Sothard Deadhand

Sothard Deadhand

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Sothard Deadhand stands as a colossus among the Deviant Dwarves of The Pandemonium. This 32mm scale 3D printed miniature is a testament to the dark crafts of the underground. Clad in rune-engraved armor, his horns curve menacingly, mirroring the caverns from which he hails. In his grip is a warhammer that whispers tales of shattered stone and broken foes. The skulls that adorn his gear are grim trophies that speak of his prowess in the endless battles fought in the shadowed deeps. Sothard is not merely a miniature; he is a sentinel of stone and flame, an icon of the relentless spirit that defines the outcast warriors of The Pandemonium.

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