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Daybreak Miniatures

Szigalf Skullmount

Szigalf Skullmount

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Szigalf Skullmount stands as an eerie sentinel, his visage a fearsome fusion of stoic dwarf and morbid trophy bearer. This 32mm scale 3D printed miniature showcases the grim might of the Deviant Dwarves, with Szigalf donning an armor replete with the remains of the fallen, signaling his prowess in battle. His tattered banner, crowned with a skull, ripples with the whispers of The Pandemonium's lost souls. In one hand, a blade etched with ancient runes; in the other, a shield as unyielding as his resolve. Szigalf is not just a figure but a dark emblem of the chaotic order within The Pandemonium, a must-have for any collector who honors the intricate tales spun in the Dark Deep.

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