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Bazooka "Tank" Girl

Bazooka "Tank" Girl

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Introducing the "Tank Girl Bazooka" figure kit, a vibrant tribute to the punk rock, post-apocalyptic anti-heroine, complete with her loyal bulldog sidekick. This highly detailed resin model captures the irreverent spirit of Tank Girl, bringing her defiant attitude to life in your collection.

The "Tank Girl Bazooka" kit features her in a classic pose, armed with a rocket launcher, exuding her characteristic wild energy and ready-for-anything posture. The accompanying bulldog, decked out in goggles and tactical gear, adds a dash of humor and heart to the ensemble, perfectly encapsulating the duo's dynamic.

This model kit offers the unique opportunity to personalize your figure with one of eight different head portraits. Choose between different expressions and hairstyles, from tongue-out cheekiness to helmeted readiness, allowing for a range of customization that enhances the playful and anarchic essence of Tank Girl.

This kit is perfect for fans of the iconic comic series, collectors of unique miniatures, or anyone who loves a touch of rebellion in their display cabinet. It not only captures the look and feel of Tank Girl but also offers a piece of her untamed spirit.

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