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Bazooka "Tank" Girl • 1:6 Scale Bust

Bazooka "Tank" Girl • 1:6 Scale Bust

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Introducing the "Tank Girl Bazooka" bust kit, a dynamic and customizable addition to any collector's showcase. Standing proudly at 240.3mm, this meticulously crafted resin model captures the essence of the beloved anarchic heroine with her iconic rocket launcher, ready to bring a splash of rebellion to your display.

The "Tank Girl Bazooka" is not just a model, it's an opportunity for personal expression. This kit features an impressive selection of eight head portraits, allowing you to customize Tank Girl with a variety of expressions and hairstyles—from her signature mischievous grin with tongue poking out to a battle-ready glare under a combat helmet. Each option embodies her punk rock spirit and wild charisma, ensuring that no two displays are exactly alike.

Whether posed on your shelf or used as a centerpiece in a larger diorama, the "Tank Girl Bazooka" bust is perfect for fans of the comic series or anyone who appreciates a mix of artistry and attitude in their collection. It’s a tribute to the spirit of freedom and nonconformity that Tank Girl represents.

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