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Daybreak Miniatures

Trazdak Darkbane on Fire Goat

Trazdak Darkbane on Fire Goat

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Trazdak Darkbane, astride his fiery goat mount, stands a towering figure of dread and awe. This 32mm scale 3D printed miniature captures the essence of the Deviant Dwarves' indomitable will. Clad in battle-worn armor and wielding a warhammer that seems to thirst for the cavern's echoing clangs, Trazdak is the epitome of the fallen warriors' relentless strength. The beast beneath him, with spiraling horns and a stare full of embers, is a befitting companion for this exiled warrior. Together, they are not just a part of your collection but a centerpiece, a narrative of power and persistence etched in resin.

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