About Us

At Crimson Raven Miniatures our goal is to provide quality 3D printed miniatures to our customers that will bring many hours of enjoyment to our customers. 

Crimson Raven Miniatures started in early 2021 by offering a few quality tabletop miniatures for sale through Etsy. As 2021 progressed, we aligned ourself with several up and coming as well as established miniatures sculptors to expand our offerings. In January of 2022 we took the step to make this a full time endeavor as we continued expanding our offerings into large format scale figure kits.

Moving forward we will continue to expand our offerings to include more large scale figures and soon we will be offering table-top scenery and diorama building accessories.

As a small business, our customers are the life blood of our company. We are always excited to hear from you regarding our products. If you have any suggestions or requests, please feel free to contact us.