The Witchguild

Step into a world of magic and adventure with The Witchguild Miniatures collection, the ultimate compilation of high-quality 3D printed fantasy figures. This collection includes a diverse array of intricately designed and meticulously crafted pieces, from dynamic tabletop gaming miniatures to detailed figurines and exquisite busts. Whether you are a tabletop gamer, a figure painter, or a collector, The Witchguild Miniatures collection provides stunning models that capture the essence of sorcery, combat, and mystical realms. Elevate your hobby or collection with these exceptional miniatures that bring fantasy to life.


Hedge Knight tabletop gaming miniature from The Witchguild, a 3D printed fantasy figure of a knight holding a torch and a sword, designed for role-playing games and miniature painting.

Tabletop Gaming

High-quality 3D printed fantasy tabletop gaming miniatures from The Witchguild, featuring detailed figures perfect for role-playing games and miniature painting.

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Goeth figurine from The Witchguild, a detailed 3D printed fantasy model of a majestic armored warrior holding a large sword and shield, perfect for collectors and figure painters.

Detailed Figurines

Intricately designed 3D printed fantasy figurines from The Witchguild, perfect for collectors and figure painting enthusiasts.

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Fiddle Master Felix bust from The Witchguild, showcasing a highly detailed 3D printed fantasy character playing a violin, with intricate features and expressive details

Exquisite Busts

Exquisite 3D printed fantasy busts from The Witchguild, highlighting detailed craftsmanship and ideal for display and figure painting.

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