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Alien Warrior Figure Model Kit

Alien Warrior Figure Model Kit

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Introducing the Alien Warrior Resin Model Kit, straight out of the iconic movie "Aliens." This kit allows you to bring the menacing Alien Warrior to life in stunning detail. Crafted with the utmost precision, it captures every terrifying aspect of this extraterrestrial creature.

Choose from two available scales, 1:6 and 1:12, to suit your display preferences. With intricate sculpting and exceptional quality, this kit offers an immersive building and painting experience for both seasoned modelers and fans of the franchise.

Whether you're a collector, a movie buff, or a hobbyist seeking a challenging and rewarding project, our Alien Warrior Resin Model Kit is your ticket to owning a piece of cinematic history. Face your fears, assemble this otherworldly beast, and create a display that will leave everyone in awe.

(Note: Assembly and painting required. Images are for illustration purposes only. Product includes the Alien Warrior figure and necessary assembly components. Paints and brushes not included.)

1:6 Scale Length Width Height
Millimeters 242 mm 301 mm 377 mm
Inches 9.52 in 11.85 in 14.85 in

1:12 Scale Length Width Height
Millimeters 121 mm 151 mm 189 mm
Inches 4.76 in 5.93 in 7.42 in
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