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Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai

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Immerse yourself in the legendary world of Afro Samurai with this exquisitely detailed 3D printed figure kit. Shrouded in the lore of feudal yet futuristic Japan, this model is not merely a representation—it is an embodiment of the journey, struggle, and indomitable will of the fabled warrior, Afro.

Possessing the Number 2 headband, your Afro Samurai figure stands as a monument to his quest for vengeance and justice. Every scar, the look of determination in his eyes, and the subtle grip on his sword, tell a story of battles fought and the relentless pursuit of the Number 1. With this model, you can recreate the epic saga from the dramatic confrontations to the silent moments of reflection.

Choose from a range of scales to fit the narrative you wish to display. Whether portrayed as the god-like Number 1 or as the challenger Number 2, this figure evokes the raw emotion and profound depth of the Afro Samurai story.

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