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Daybreak Miniatures

Airo Skycrusher

Airo Skycrusher

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Behold Airo Skycrusher, a soaring sentinel from "The Skyborn of Aquila" series crafted by the artful hands at Daybreak Miniatures. This figure is a symbol of might and majesty, available to grace your game table or display case.

Embodying the fierce spirit of the sky, Airo Skycrusher is a titan among miniatures. With a double-headed axe that cleaves through the winds of fate, this warrior is poised atop the ruins of conquest, wings spread wide in a display of dominance. Each feather is a work of art, signaling the detail and dedication that Daybreak Miniatures pours into its creations. This isn’t just a figure; it’s a statement—a formidable ally for your gaming sessions or a proud showpiece signaling your discerning taste in fine collectibles.

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