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Wicked 3D



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Introducing our stunning 1:6 scale figure kit, featuring the formidable warrior from the pages of Marvel Comics, Angela! This meticulously crafted model captures every intricate detail of this iconic character, known for her fierce demeanor and captivating presence.

Marvel at the artistry as you assemble Angela in all her glory, standing at an impressive 16 inches, ready to join your collection. From the intricate design of her armor to the flowing contours of her hair, this figure kit captures the essence of Angela's powerful persona.

Whether you're a dedicated fan of the Marvel Universe or a seasoned model enthusiast, this Angela figure kit is the perfect addition to your showcase. Immerse yourself in the world of heroic fantasy as you bring this legendary character to life, and proudly display the results of your craftsmanship for all to admire.

Dimensions: Length Width Height
Millimeters 207 mm 173 mm 412 mm
Inches 8.15 in 6.8 in 16.22 in


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