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Daybreak Miniatures

Anton Overmars • Judge of the Suns

Anton Overmars • Judge of the Suns

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Anton Overmars, the Judge of the Suns, is a powerful and respected figure in within the Templars of the Northern Lights known for his dedication to justice and his ability to enforce it with ruthless efficiency. He wears gleaming armor made of rare metal, adorned with intricate engravings, and a bear's head symbol on his right shoulder. His helmet, allows him to see through illusions and discern the truth.

Anton Overmars' reputation is built on his impartiality and his commitment to the rule of law. He is feared by those who break it and respected by those who follow it. As the Judge of the Suns, he is responsible for maintaining order and enforcing the law across a vast territory. Despite his fearsome reputation, Anton Overmars is known to be fair and compassionate when the situation calls for it.
Available as a 32mm scale miniature for tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons, and Pathfinder or as a 75mm miniature for collecting for display purposes.


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