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Witchsong Miniatures

Apostles of the Faceless King

Apostles of the Faceless King

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Introducing the Apostles of the Faceless King, five once-human spellcasters with mysterious and deadly abilities. These hooded figures, their faces concealed by cloth masks, serve the enigmatic Faceless King with unwavering loyalty. Each Apostle wields a blasphemous weapon, imbued with dark powers, making them formidable foes in any tabletop roleplaying game. Enhance your campaign with these sinister and captivating miniatures, perfect for creating an atmosphere of mystery and danger.

Figure Dimensions: 

Width Depth Height
Apostle 1 36mm 26mm 46mm
Apostle 2 36mm 26mm 52mm
Apostle 3 31mm 28mm 45mm
Apostle 4 31mm 28mm 46mm
Apostle 5 31mm 31mm 57mm

I am a licensed seller for physical print of files made by Witchsong Miniatures.
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