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Witchsong Miniatures

Ascendant Greatwolf

Ascendant Greatwolf

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Unleash the fury of the "Ascendant Greatwolf" - a colossal 26-foot-tall horned werewolf, designed as an end boss level encounter for Dungeons & Dragons™ campaigns. This awe-inspiring beast will push your heroes to their limits as they confront the ultimate embodiment of primal power.

The Ascendant Greatwolf towers above the battlefield, a monstrous fusion of man and wolf, crowned with imposing horns that strike terror into the hearts of his enemies. His feral strength is matched only by his cunning, making him a formidable adversary in any encounter.

Armed with both a deadly battle axe and a massive great axe, the Ascendant Greatwolf displays unrivaled combat prowess, capable of tearing through entire parties with his devastating attacks. Players will need to muster all their courage, strategy, and teamwork to bring down this fearsome foe and live to tell the tale.

Challenge your players with the unforgettable Ascendant Greatwolf encounter, and let them experience a battle that will go down in history as one of their most epic and unforgettable adventures.

This is a massive 32mm scale miniature that stands over 6 inches tall.

Figure Dimensions: Width 158mm, Depth 106mm, Height 162mm

I am a licensed seller for physical print of files made by Witchsong Miniatures.
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