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Flesh of Gods

Bjalnir, The Thunderlord

Bjalnir, The Thunderlord

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The darkest night falls, the air charges up with electricity, the clouds then part as Bialnir, the Thunderlord, descends. He has come all the way down from high above to witness a sacrifice in his name. The sacrifice involves humans and animals alike. Young and strong ones next to weak and weary ones. They are all but vessels to Bjalnir, who gives them a speech about the passing ofenergy into a higher being. Their deaths are the tribute of the region entire. Without them, the Thunderlord would be displeased and insulted, even. "There's a time to be a hero, and a time to be the sacrificial lamb. Allow me to enlighten vou all as to this choice, my brave tributes"

And with one final word to bless their deaths, Bjalnir raises
his mighty hammer to the clouds and channels such a force of lightning and thunder that as soon as he points it at the rows of tributes, they are utterly destroyed in a blinding flash oflights and a deafening echo.
Bialnir feels his powers renewed. This pace must be kept every 100 days. The more diverse the tributes the better.

Bjalnir is available as a 32mm scale tabletop miniature, 75mm display figure and 1:10 scale bust.

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