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Daybreak Miniatures

Carl Saturno • Hammer of Aídín

Carl Saturno • Hammer of Aídín

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Carl Saturno, known as the Hammer of Aídín, is a devoted member of the Templars of the Northern Lights, a group of human paladins dedicated to protecting the people of the north. As a powerful warrior, he wields a great two-handed warhammer with devastating force, capable of crushing his enemies with a single blow. As a Paladin, Carl is able to channel divine power through his hammer, infusing his strikes with holy energy that can smite his foes and heal his allies.

Despite his fearsome reputation on the battlefield, Carl is also known for his kindness and compassion. He is always ready to help those in need, and his unwavering commitment to justice and righteousness has earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow paladins. His title, the Hammer of Aídín, reflects his dedication to Aídín, the deity of healing and compassion, and his willingness to use his strength to aid those in need. 

Available as a 32mm scale miniature for tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons, and Pathfinder or as a 75mm miniature for collecting for display purposes.


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