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Daybreak Miniatures

Chaos Catapult of the Deviants

Chaos Catapult of the Deviants

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Roll out the engines of destruction with the Chaos Catapult of the Deviants, a titan among the 3D-printed artillery of the miniature wargaming world. Standing as a monument to the Deviant Dwarves' mastery of chaos and craft, this model brings a touch of the Pandemonium's dark artifice to any 32mm tabletop encounter.

The Chaos Catapult is a marvel of menacing design, with its hefty stone projectile ready to rain down terror. The skeletal insignia upon its frame serve as a grim reminder of the catapult's origins—forged in the heart of a realm where the rules of war are dictated by the whims of madness and malice. Each wooden plank and iron bolt is represented with astonishing detail, offering a tangible slice of the Deviant's malevolent engineering for hobbyists to paint and customize.

This siege engine is not just a model; it's a narrative piece, a maker of legends for your tabletop battles. It's perfect for collectors seeking to add a dramatic flair to their armies or a crowning piece for diorama builders.

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