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Demogorgon • 32MM Huge Demon

Prince of Demons, the Sibilant Beast, and Master of the Spiraling Depths, Demogorgon is the embodiment of chaos, madness and destruction, seeking to corrupt all that is good and undermine order in the multiverse, to see everything dragged howling into the infinite depths of the Abyss.

If you are running the D&D adventure Out of the Abyss, imagine the look on your players faces when you place this 205mm monster on the table in front of them.

This 205mm tall model sits on a gargantuan 100mm base. Full dimensions : Width 275mm, Depth 190mm, Height 205mm.

This Demogorgon can be used as an enemy for tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder.

Dragon Knight Model shown for size comparison only and is not included with purchase.

This is an unfinished model, it will come in pieces and will need assembled. 

3D Printed Fantasy Miniature • D&D / Pathfinder

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