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Pablo Valenzuela

Dracula - 1:6 Scale Kit

Dracula - 1:6 Scale Kit

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Awaken the immortal allure of classic horror with our Dracula Kit, inspired by the iconic vampire from the 1931 film. This meticulously crafted figure kit encapsulates the haunting presence of Bela Lugosi's legendary portrayal, transporting you to the dark and atmospheric world of Transylvania. Immerse yourself in the timeless tale of Dracula as you recreate the chilling ambiance of the silver screen.

With exquisite attention to detail, our Dracula Kit captures the aristocratic elegance and supernatural charisma that define this iconic character. From the classic pose to the hypnotic gaze, every element reflects the immortal allure of the original film. Whether you're a fan of classic cinema or a collector seeking a piece of vampire lore, this figure kit is sure to mesmerize and enchant.

Embrace the eternal darkness as you display this Dracula Kit with pride. From the shadowy corners of Castle Dracula to your collection shelf, this figure kit serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of one of Universal Pictures' most iconic monsters. Let the enigmatic presence of Dracula cast its spell and pay homage to the atmospheric mastery of the film that redefined the vampire genre.

Surrender to the allure of classic horror with our Dracula Kit, an embodiment of Bela Lugosi's unforgettable portrayal and the timeless tale of the vampire lord. It's time to invite the darkness into your collection and let the legendary Count reign supreme.

1/6 scale resin statue kit of Count Dracula from the 1931 classic horror film Dracula.


Length Width Height
168 mm 177 mm
330 mm
6.61 in
6.95 in
12.99 in
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