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Witchsong Miniatures

Faceless Queen

Faceless Queen

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Introducing "The Faceless Queen," the menacing counterpart to the infamous Faceless King. This fearsome figure wields devastating baleful scythes that deal necrotic damage to her enemies. Her mastery of dark magic allows her to cast the "Fit of Violence" spell, compelling her opponents to harm themselves in a fit of uncontrollable rage.

But her most terrifying power lies hidden beneath her veil. When "The Horror Beneath the Veil" is revealed, enemies are struck with fear and suffer psychic damage, making her an unstoppable force in any tabletop roleplaying game.

Unleash the Faceless Queen's sinister power and bring a chilling new dimension to your game night!

This is a massive 32mm scale miniature that stands over 5.5 inches tall.

Figure Dimensions: Width 176mm, Depth 87mm, Height 140mm

I am a licensed seller for physical print of files made by Witchsong Miniatures.
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