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Witchsong Miniatures

Faceless Scholar

Faceless Scholar

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Introducing the Faceless Scholar, a 22-foot tall giant spellcaster with a chilling presence. This menacing figure wields a bladed staff that deals necrotic damage, striking fear into the hearts of his enemies. Alongside his deadly weapon, the Faceless Scholar carries an ancient spellbook filled with maddening passages. When he recites these cryptic words, a terrible truth of the universe is revealed, a truth so unbearable that few creatures can stand to hear it. This intricately detailed miniature is perfect for adding an air of mystery and dread to your tabletop roleplaying games.

This is a massive 32mm scale miniature almost 7 inches tall from base to staff.

Figure Dimensions: Width 95mm, Depth 59mm, Height 173mm

I am a licensed seller for physical print of files made by Witchsong Miniatures.
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