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Witchsong Miniatures

Greater Crystal Heart Spider

Greater Crystal Heart Spider

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Introducing the Greater Crystal Heart Spider, a Giant Monstrosity that has merged with the very crystals of its habitat. This formidable beast for your Dungeons & Dragonscampaigns features vibrant crystals growing from its body, adding a dazzling and deadly edge to its appearance. As an arachnid adversary, the Greater Crystal Heart Spider poses a unique challenge to adventurers who dare to face it. Can your party overcome this monstrous foe and unravel the mystery of its crystalline fusion?

This is a large 32mm scale miniature that stands over 4.5 inches tall.

Figure Dimensions: Width 87mm, Depth 96mm, Height 76mm

I am a licensed seller for physical print of files made by Witchsong Miniatures.
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