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Clay Cyanide Miniatures

Hastur the Unspeakable

Hastur the Unspeakable

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Presenting the "Hastur the Unspeakable" figure, a formidable addition to any tabletop gaming or roleplaying collection. This 32mm scale model is meticulously crafted to invoke the eerie and mysterious essence of Hastur, a figure shrouded in the mythos of cosmic horror.

"Hastur the Unspeakable" stands regally, enveloped in a flowing robe that seems to merge seamlessly with his form, creating an appearance both majestic and unsettling. His tentacles, which serve as both a pedestal and a sinister extension of his being, curl around classical ruins, symbolizing his manipulation of both reality and madness. The figure's hooded face and outstretched hand suggest a being of great power and unknowable intentions, perfect for evoking the chilling atmosphere of eldritch horror in your gameplay.

The intricacies of his robes and the surrounding gothic elements, such as weathered columns and flaming torches, are highlighted with exceptional detail, making this model a visually striking centerpiece. Whether used as a formidable antagonist or a mysterious deity in your campaigns, "Hastur the Unspeakable" adds a layer of depth and intrigue that enhances the storytelling experience.

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