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Daybreak Miniatures

Hjalmar Strachan

Hjalmar Strachan

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Hjalmar Strachan of the Fourth Sun is a Human Paladin and a member of the Templars of the Northern Lights. He wears a bear fur cloak and wields a sword with intricate Celtic knotwork on the blade. His shield bears the Templars' bear head symbol. As a devout follower of the sun deity, he imbues his attacks with radiant energy to vanquish the undead and other unholy creatures.

Hjalmar is known for his unwavering loyalty to the Templars and his fearless nature in battle. He upholds the group's ideals of justice and honor, and will stop at nothing to protect the innocent. His training as a Paladin has given him the ability to heal his allies, and his sword strikes with the force of the sun's rays. Hjalmar is a formidable opponent to any who would stand against the Templars' mission to rid the land of evil.

Available as a 32mm scale miniature for tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons, and Pathfinder or as a 75mm miniature for collecting for display purposes.


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