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Daybreak Miniatures

Johan Firepine

Johan Firepine

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Johan Firepine is a skilled Paladin of the Templars of the Northern Lights. He wields a one-handed sword and shield with great proficiency, using his quick reflexes and keen eyesight to anticipate and deflect enemy attacks. His armor is adorned with intricate engravings and designs that reflect his unwavering devotion to the order.

Johan is a master of strategy and tactics, and his leadership on the battlefield has been instrumental in the success of many missions undertaken by the Templars. He is respected by his fellow Paladins for his unwavering commitment to their cause, and his unwavering loyalty to his brothers and sisters in arms is matched only by his fierce determination to defeat the enemies of Thulea.

Available as a 32mm scale miniature for tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons, and Pathfinder or as a 75mm miniature for collecting for display purposes.


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