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Embrace the power and charisma of Magneto, the Master of Magnetism, with this stunning 3D printed resin model kit. Depicting the iconic X-Men villain in three scales—1:8, 1:6, and 1:4—this masterpiece captures Magneto standing atop a base representing Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters amidst scattered rubble and twisted steel beams.

At the heart of this intricate portrayal, Magneto holds the legendary Cerebro Helmet, suspended effortlessly in a magnetic field created by his right hand. This kit offers versatility with two optional left hands—a clenched fist and an open palm—providing different display options. Furthermore, two alternate heads allow collectors to exhibit Magneto with or without his helmet, offering distinct helmet designs and faces—closed and open-mouthed expressions.

The impeccable attention to detail showcases Magneto's commanding presence and inner turmoil, allowing enthusiasts to craft their preferred rendition of this complex and compelling character. Unleash your creative vision and bring Magneto to life with this exceptional model kit.

1:8 Scale Width
Millimeters 207 mm 215 mm 302 mm
Inches 8.15 in 8.46 in 11.89 in
1:6 Scale Width Depth Height
Millimeters 276 mm 287 mm 402 mm
Inches 10.87 in 11.29 in 15.83 in
1:4 Scale Width Depth Height
Millimeters 414 mm 430 mm 603 mm
Inches 16.3 in 16.93 in 23.72 in

This product arrives in kit form, necessitating cleanup, assembly, and painting to achieve a finished display statue. Please note that the displayed images are digital renders, and the colors depicted may not precisely match the actual product color. Given that these products are crafted on-demand, there will be a production lead time before shipping. For any inquiries or specific requests, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll gladly assist you.

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