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Rockeeter - Pin-up Model Kit

Rockeeter - Pin-up Model Kit

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Embrace the thrill of adventure with our female Rocketeer pin-up model kit, inspired by the iconic Bettie Page. Capturing the essence of classic aviation and vintage allure, she dons a sleek leather jacket reminiscent of the beloved Rocketeer movie costume. Her ensemble, featuring stockings and a garter belt, exudes retro glamour.

In her right hand, she confidently holds a Mauser C96 pistol, embodying the daring spirit of adventure. Nestled under her left arm is the iconic Art Deco-inspired Rocketeer helmet, a symbol of courage and high-flying heroism. Completing her ensemble is an art-deco inspired rocket pack resting on her back.

Standing atop a steel bridge support base adorned with the distinctive Rocketeer logo, this striking model embodies nostalgia and heroism. Available in various scales, this kit offers enthusiasts the chance to relive the magic of a bygone era.

1:12 Scale Width
Millimeters 70 mm 65 mm 226 mm
Inches 2.76 in 2.55 in 8.89 in
1:10 Scale Width
Millimeters 88 mm 91 mm 282 mm
Inches 3.45 in 3.19 in 11.11 in
1:8 Scale Width
Millimeters 105 mm 97 mm 339 mm
Inches 4.14 in 3.83 in 13.33 in
1:6 Scale Width
Millimeters 140 mm 130 mm 452 mm
Inches 5.52 in 5.1 in 17.78 in
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