Collection: Templars of the Northern Lights

The Templars of the Northern Lights are a group of revered paladins in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, known for their unwavering dedication to protecting the innocent and upholding justice. Based in a remote, snow-covered region in the north, they have built a fortress that serves as their headquarters. The paladins who make up the order are hand-picked for their exceptional strength, courage, and loyalty, and are trained in various combat techniques, including swordplay, archery, and unarmed combat.

The armor worn by the Templars of the Northern Lights is made of a rare, shimmering metal, and decorated with intricate patterns and engravings representing their virtues. The armor bears the symbol of their order, a fearsome bear head, on various parts, providing additional magical powers and imbued with strength, speed, and protection.

Despite their fearsome reputation, the Templars of the Northern Lights are guided by a strict code of ethics that demands they treat all people with respect and compassion. They are respected and loved by the people they protect, and are often called upon to help settle disputes and resolve conflicts.

Adventurers who cross paths with the Templars of the Northern Lights can expect to be treated with suspicion at first, but if they can prove themselves to be allies of justice, they may find themselves welcomed into the fold. However, the Templars of the Northern Lights are not easily swayed by flattery or deceit, and those who try to deceive or betray them will quickly find themselves on the wrong end of their wrath.